Which Bin Recycle Tips



Empty and clean.
Please ensure that your recyclables do not contain food residue or liquids.


Empty, dry paint tins can go in the recycling bin.
If tins contain paint, dry and empty paint out or dispose of at the hazardous waste depot.


Plastic and metal lids can be placed loose in the recycling bin.


Remove batteries before placing plastic toys in the recycling bin.


Aluminium foil wrapping and trays can be recycled, scrunch foil wrapping it into a ball or put it in a can. Trays can go in loose. Please make sure excess food is cleaned off first.


Pizza boxes without food scraps can go in the recycling bin. Food scraps can contaminate recyclables, so please ensure all food remnants are removed before recycling.


Does the triangular symbol with numbers on plastic containers mean it’s recyclable? No. The triangle with a number from 1 to 7 is not a recycling symbol but rather a Plastic Identification Code. It advises what type of plastic the item is made from but not if it is recyclable. Hard plastics coded 1-7 can be recycled in the yellow lidded recycling bin except for polystyrene foam and plastic bags.


No Polystyrene/Foam! Polystyrene/foam packaging (including foam meat trays and cups) cannot be recycled or composted through your kerbside bins. Please place it in the general waste/waste to landfill bin.


No clothes please – or textiles/fabric in the recycling bin! Please take good quality clothing to a charity store. Old and worn out clothing can be used as rags or placed in the general waste/waste to landfill bin.


Kerbside bins are not the place to recycle or place your electronic waste!


No food, drinks or other liquids please. Food and drink don’t go down well in the recycling bin.


Please keep garden materials out of the recycling bin.

Which-Bin-Recycling-Tips-No Plastic-Bags

No Plastic Bags! Please leave plastic bags out of your recycling and FOGO bin and do not place your recyclables in a plastic bag. Plastic bags cannot be recycled through your recycling bin as they cause problems with the machinery at the materials recovery facility (MRF).


Where can I recycle my soft plastic bags, wrapping and packaging? Drop them into the REDcycle bin at your nearest participating supermarket CLICK HERE to find out where.


What’s the difference between compostable and biodegradable bags? CLICK HERE to find out.

Which Bin Compost Tips



Very greasy Pizza boxes with food scraps can go in the green lidded food and garden organics/FOGO bin.


Shredded paper, tissues and paper towels can go in the green lidded food and garden organics/FOGO bin with your other organic material.


All food is good to go in the green lidded FOGO bin.


Pet waste can be composted in your green lidded FOGO bin.


Please keep plastic pots and trays out of the green lidded FOGO bin. Empty plastic plant pots and seedling trays can be placed in the yellow lidded recycling bin. Make sure they are free of soil first.


No Garden hoses, irrigation pipe or garden tools.


No batteries or hazardous chemicals please in your recycling or FOGO bin.


No Nappies! Please place all disposable nappies in the general waste/waste to landfill bin, even those claiming to be compostable or biodegradable. At present there isn’t any brand of nappy that is certified compostable as they still have plastic components that do not break down.


Bricks, building materials and wire are other items we don’t desire, in the recycling or FOGO bin!