Drop it off: textiles, clothing and footwear

Textiles, clothing and footwear can’t be recycled through your yellow or green bin. This includes items made from natural materials, such as wool, cotton and leather.

Any functioning or wearable items that are still in good condition can be donated, either to your local charity store or to friends and family members. Anything you can’t wear or use can’t be resold and can contribute to expensive disposal costs for charity stores. Your local animal shelter may also accept donations of towels and blankets that are still in a usable condition to be used for bedding – just give them a call first to see if the items are needed.

Consider using worn and irreparable clothing for cleaning cloths at home. 

Worn out sport and active lifestyle footwear can be recycled by dropping the shoes off to your closest Tread Lightly drop-off location.

Any textiles, clothing or footwear that can’t be donated or re-used can be placed in your landfill bin.