Always in the green bin: coffee grounds, tea bags and loose tea leaves

Coffee grounds, tea bags and loose tea leaves can go into your green bin, or your home compost bin.

Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous, as well as other micronutrients, and work as a slow-release fertilizer.

The high carbon content in coffee grounds helps to feed soil, and when mixed with other organic matter, such as manures or organic garden waste, they can make a fantastic compost mix for use in your garden at home.

Tea leaves are also full of nutrients and tannins that help plants grow. Loose leaf tea and paper tea bags are great for composting but be aware that some tea bags do contain plastic. These bags will have a glossy sheen and slippery feel and can’t go into the green bin.

Before placing tea bags into your green or compost bin, also be sure to remove any staples or labels.