Remember to recycle this festive season

This festive season (and always), be mindful of what materials you’re throwing away – it’s likely a lot of it will be recyclable.

Items you can recycle include:

  • wrapping paper – but make sure it’s all paper and not plastic (if you can rip it then you can recycle it, if not then it should be placed in your red/blue landfill bin)
  • cards
  • cardboard boxes – just fold them first to make more room in the bin
  • bottles and jars made from plastic or glass
  • cans and tins
  • milk, juice and custard cartons
  • foil trays and wrappers, scrunched into a fist-sized ball.

Be sure to empty and rinse any items that held food or drink before placing them in your yellow recycling bin.

Got an item you’re not sure about? Search the Which Bin database.